Our Services 

At Capital Florist we create an unforgettable sensory experience with a mix of colours, fragrance, select blooms, foliage, styling and custom props designed to capture your individual style and your heart! Romantic and opulent, bohemian paired with the unexpected , rustic and fun, whimsical and industrial...whatever your theme we will produce a beautifully styled event right down to the finest detail. 


Wedding Florals Design 

Flowers are our favorite thing, and our passion is to create the wedding florals of your dreams.

When it comes to wedding florals the options are endless. Our floral stylists are versatile and understand that each couple has a unique wedding vision and will adapt to their needs and wants.

Minimum investment

$200.00+ (Elopement package: Bridal bouquet + boutonniere)*

$800.00+ (Personal Florals: Bridal Party)*

$2,000.00+ (Full Florals: Personals + ceremony + reception)*

*Please note that these are all minimums based on our “average wedding” and wedding venues for the past 18 months, prices increase slightly every 6 months with inflation and floral trends, however all our estimates are fully customized and the final price will depend strictly on the types of flowers and quantities needed for your wedding.

In order to give you a quote we'd appreciate it if you sent us the following information so we can give you a more accurate estimate: Inspiration photos for style of your bouquets/centerpieces/ceremony (*required* if you have a Pinterest board please share the link), color palette, flower preferences/dislikes, quantity for each item, maximum budget , venue  

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Decor Set up Services

Need help with setting up the rest of your own decor?

Add an extra $150 to your tab and you won’t have to worry about anything on the day of your wedding! (Take down fees are a separate charge)

Have any questions about our services? Please send us an email

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Other Services 


Looking for unique favors that your guests will love and not have to eat? We have just what you are looking for.

We offer a wide selection of wedding favors that your guest will actually love like mini succulents and mini evergreens or even flowering plants or just the seed with a personalized message!

Want more info? Send us an email with your ideas and the quantities you need so we can provide you with a few options! Or take a look at our Favor Catalog here.  


2019 Catalogue Coming soon…


Feeling creative? We're here to cheer on you and provide with the best quality flowers you can have for an incredible price! Not sure where to begin or how much you need?

Let us help! The DIY package comes with a consultation to help you figure out what you'll need! We will create the recipes for each arrangements with instructions on how to DIY! 

$150 + The cost of the flowers and rentals

How it works: 

  • The reason there is a $150.00 fee is because we take all the guessing work out of the process so you can go straight to having fun putting your flowers together. 

  • We would need you to send us the following information to be able to figure out what you need and build recipes for each item: 

    • Inspiration photos for style of your bouquets/centerpieces/ceremony (*required* if you have a Pinterest board please share the link), Color palette , flower preferences/dislikes, quantity for each item, budget (Minimum of $500.00).

  • We would then send a proposal which will include our recommendations for flowers and greens to use based on your inspiration pictures as well as taking into account your budget. You'll have the chance to make changes prior to singing a contract 

  • You can do a mix of full service and DIY (i.e. Full service on bouquets, and DIY centerpieces or vice versa), as long as you have a contract signed you'll have until 4 weeks before the wedding to change your mind (additional fees apply). 

Things to consider: 

  • The deposit is $150.00 and is non-refundable 

  • 4 weeks prior to the wedding we will revise the contract to make sure you have everything you need and place your flower order, you will have until then to make any major changes 

  • Flowers typically arrive Wednesday or Thursday before the wedding and will be ready for pick up by 3pm. (We will confirm the exact date 4 weeks before the wedding). You will need to pick them up from our studio in Alymer, the flowers will be in buckets with water but you will need to process them (instructions on how to and why you should care for your flowers will be provided 4 week prior to the wedding). You should allocate 2-4 hours for this and enlist help of at least 2-3 friends/family as it is time consuming. Plus you'll need large room that is well ventilated (AC if possible) to keep the flowers from wilting. 

  • We will also include ALL the flower recipes for each item on you list (Bridal bouquet, bridesmaids bouquets, centerpieces, etc.) along with basic how-to instructions.

  • Whatever your reasons are for wanting to DIY but we are cheering on you! It's a lot of fun! However, just keep in mind it's one more thing on your to do list. Once I receive your inspiration pictures I will share my two cents on the complexity of the design for the bridal party flowers (specially the bridal bouquet) and will let you know whether or not you should have a professional make your bouquet(s). They are a lot more complex than you might think and if flowers are important for you keep in mind that making it yourself might not yield the results you are expecting.  

  • And as an overall highlight.... the designing part itself is a lot more complex than one might assume as not all flowers work the same way. As above mentioned all our DIY packages come with "How-To" instructions, however that does not mean or guarantee that the arrangements will have a professional quality finish/look. 

    • In the past we have had couples or bride/friend-family take a workshop with me so they can see the process and I can walk them through tips I couldn't explain on my How-to instructions, there is an extra charge for this but it's extremely helpful and will give you that extra boost of confidence you need and will help you decide whether or not you actually want to DIY your wedding flowers! 

I hope all of this helps you make a decision! And we look forward to seeing what you have in mind! 

Disclosure: While DIYing your wedding florals sounds like a lot of fun (and it is!)! Keep in mind that it is a time consuming process and there is some prep time involved. We also highly recommend hiring a professional to make your bridal party florals or book a workshop for the day before your wedding (additional fees apply/depending on availability) to avoid any stress on the flowers nor working out the way you want them the day before your wedding!