Floral Inquiries Do's & Don'ts

Planning your wedding is probably a dream come true, and I cannot express how excited I am for you! But I also know that planning your wedding can be a stressful time because it’s a whole new world and 99% of the time it may feel like you don’t know what you’re doing because this is your first time, or even if you’ve done this before, the industry has changed and the booking process is a lot different than it was 5 years ago.

I am so excited for you to actually enjoy the process of planning your wedding that I compiled a list do Do’s and Dont’s when looking for a wedding florist and sending out emails/filling out inquiry forms online, but a lot of these are applicable to most wedding/event vendors inquiries as well. So grab a coffee/tea/glass of wine and let me explain why just sending your wedding date & venue and hoping for a proposal doesn’t work…


  • … just send your wedding date & venue, as much as this is absolutely crucial information, it doesn’t tell us anything about your wedding floral vision other than maybe the season and the style you are going for (but that is not always true! some people go for very “summery” flowers in the winter… Phoebe Buffay, I’m talking to you!) We need a lot more information to prepare a proposal.

  • … copy & paste the same email! I get it, it’s just easier, and I do it to, but if you are sending the exact same monotone email to every Florist in your city we can tell. It’s a huge red flag as we know you are only shopping for pricing, and if we don’t like “what we see” we are probably not going to be too excited to work with you (sorry not sorry!) We want to work with people that want to work with us, that’s all!

  • … say you’re on a “tiny/tight budget” Everything is relative and I prefer to know how much I am working with from the very beginning, whether that is $1000 or $8,000. I know you probably are unsure of how much things cost, but most wedding florists have a minimum so do your research! As a rule of thumb your floral budget should be 10-15% of total wedding budget, so maybe start with that!

  • … say “i’m not picky, use seasonal flowers to keep cost down” Sorry to burst your bubble, but there is no such a thing as “seasonal floral pricing”. Yes floral prices fluctuate based on seasonal availability, but seasonal flowers are by no means less expensive, they are worth what they are worth. Instead, say you are flexible with the floral choices and that you would be open to using less expensive blooms and greens so your florist knows they can pick and choose from the least expensive options.

  • … expect a price during the initial consultation or send an email asking for a “ball park” estimate. Proposals can take hours to build, scrolling through Pinterest, finding out prices, etc. can take a long time, so if we are going to put the time into it, we rather know that it will be as close to the final proposal as possible to avoid disappointments.

  • …ghost! it’s not cool to ghost a date/friend and it’s not cool to ghost your wedding vendors. I know saying no sucks, but we actually appreciate it for so many reasons.


  • Personalize your email and make us feel special, if you really want to work with a specific wedding florist (wedding vendor) let them know! For a lot of us creatives this is one of the few chances we get to hear how amazing our work is from a paying client. So don’t be shy, fan girl all you want! It might be the difference between you getting them booked for your wedding over someone who is only shopping for prices (who maybe even has a bigger budget). Most of us do this because we have accepted that it is our duty to share the gift (talent) of floral arranging, while money is great, all we really want to hear is why you love us and why you think we HAVE to be part of your wedding day! (Yes, I heard that! lol, I promise after this, it’s all about you!)

  • Tell us how you heard from us! We want to know how first fell in love with our style! Was it through Instagram/Facebook, through a friend’s wedding, a friend of a friend, your photographer, your venue, or a wedding show! Let us know we really want to know, this also helps us figure out where to focus our energy in terms of investing money/time to continue to grow our businesses and find more amazing brides like you! Plus, if you are recommended by someone we want to make sure we say thank you to them as well!

  • Tell us what your budget is! Money talks, no not in that way, but we need to make sure we know what we are working with and that your floral dreams match your wallet. Knowing this from the beginning softens the blow and you’ll be less disappointing if you need to re work your budget in order to make everything work. Again, 10-15% of your wedding budget is a good place to start depending on how important flowers are to you!

  • Create a Pinterest board! True, Pinterest does not plan weddings but I cannot stress enough how important this is! I know Pinterest can quickly turn into a rabbit hole without escape, but it is crucial to help your florist/vendors visualize your big day! And even if it’s “not perfect” it is still a starting point in terms of giving us a visual and just keep in mind we are professional Pinterest scrollers so we can totally handle it!

  • Know what you like and what you don’t like! We need to know where the line is. If there is a certain style of bouquets, garlands, blooms you prefer over another style tell us! You might not be able to describe it so this is where pictures/Pinterest come in handy, you can always create a board for “things you don’t like”. I get a lot of “I don’t like roses” followed by a picture of an all-rose bouquet, 99% of the time the picture shows beautifully open roses and garden roses and a mixture of colours and size to create a lush textured bouquet. So don’t discard a certain blooms, instead focus on what you like/don’t like about a style of bouquet, garland, arrangement. This leads me to the next point…

  • Share EVERY detail you can think of… I’m not even going to expand on this, all I’m going to say is... yes I want to know what colour your napkins are and what types of chairs you’re having!

  • Think about all the places/things/people you want to adorn with flowers on your wedding day. I know this sounds pretty obvious, but I get a lot of emails the week of the wedding saying “OMG! I forgot to order flowers for our parents, for the cake, a welcome sign and the ceremony! HELP!” So make a list of anything you can put flowers on and include it in your proposal, and if you change your mind on them later on it’s no big deal, at least you didn’t completely forget!

  • Book a consultation/send a detailed email with your floral needs/wants. After you have compiled all the information above send an email or book a consultation with your preferred wedding florist. You have done your homework, so come prepared to spill out the beans, bring a picture of your dress, bridesmaids dresses, the link to your Pinterest board and all the questions you may have I haven’t already answered! I can’t wait to grab a coffee with you and hear all about your dream wedding!

  • Let us know if you are no longer interest in working with us and tell us why! We love feedback, was it our pricing, was it how long we took to respond, was it that ultimately what we envisioned for your didn’t match what you envisioned for yourself? No hard feelings, we just want to know!

I receive no less than 20 inquiry emails a week and sadly most of them are just a dead end and sometimes even a waste of time for both the couple and myself, so I hope after reading this you will re-think how you go about reaching out to vendors. I get it, you are excited to get the ball rolling and get things done, but a little extra time researching and preparing goes a long way for both your sanity and your vendor(s) excitement to work with you.

I hope this helps you feel a little less unsure about what you’re doing! Don’t overthink it, always trust your gut and enjoy this phase in your relationship!

Happy Planning!

xo, Carla