Fleurs de Villes + Soiree Adventures

Good Morning Ladies!

The past couple of weeks have been filled with a number of larger events that we had the pleasure of taking part in. Most of you have probably seen our flower dress creations on our Instagram account.

Our short red dress for the Fleurs de Villes Mannequin Series at Bayshore was inspired by Viktor & Rolf’s 2014 couture show where all of their pieces were crafted from actual red carpet. The stunning headpiece on our mannequin (designed and brought to life by Leah) was a nod to Viktor & Rolf’s iconic Flowerbomb perfume campaign. We wanted to create an installation that really embodied some of the most well-known aspects of the Viktor & Rolf collection. The dress itself was covered in red, wine and burgundy carnations, while the headpiece was a mixture of more luxurious blooms. Leah used a combination of tulips, ranunculus and anemones in rich, dark tones to really contrast the bright red of the dress.

Our mannequin from the CHEO gala was dressed in a beautiful long yellow dress fit for a princess … Belle to be specific. The organizers of the event wanted a flower-covered Disney princess and we chose Belle! The bodice of her dress was made of individually glued yellow button mums, with a yellow rose and some baby’s breath to accent the neckline and drop sleeves. The skirt of the dress was mostly two tones of yellow carnations with a mix of yellow button mums and yellow daisies. The installation was finished off with a flower-covered hair clip.


The most common question we got throughout this entire process was probably, “Oh my god, how do you do that?”

That’s where the mechanics come in. Underneath all the flowers, we constructed a framework of chicken wire, zip ties, wire and floral foam to keep the flowers hydrated and anchored securely in place. However, it wasn’t quite as easy as it sounds. This was our first time creating this kind of installation, so you can imagine there were a few hiccoughs, but we were very happy with the end result for both mannequins.

After the CHEO Gala had concluded, the organizers requested that we move Belle to the Children's Hospital, so she could be enjoyed by everyone coming in and out of the hospital. So, we had to figure out a way to move a full dressed, 6ft. tall mannequin without damaging all her flowers. Originally, the plan was to keep her intact by standing her upright in the moving van to minimize the number of broken flowers. However, when we realized that she was too tall to stand in the van, we decided that the best way to move her was to take off half of her skirt and reattach it when we got to the hospital. And it’s lucky that we decided to go that route because we ended up needing the flowers from a quarter of her skirt to replace the flower that broke in transit.

After finishing our setup for the CHEO gala, we had to focus on our setup for Soiree, a pop-up dinner event hosted by dinner4four on the Terrace on the Canal. We decorated six of eleven domes for the event. For the event, diners purchased a table, each of which was housed under a clear dome outfitted in comfy furniture. Our vision was to create a drapey, vine-like installation from the ceiling of each dome. We used Italian Ruscus and Plumosa for the ceilings and added Antigua carnations to amp up the garden vibe we were going for.

Since this event is running for an entire month, we added potted miniature roses and ferns along the back wall of each dome to increase the greenery without having to replace more material every other week. We also used a grouping of bud vases on each table with ranunculus, roses and tulips to keep the centrepieces looking luxurious without getting in the way during dinner. We also assembled a large flower wall at the entrance to the venue to create a fun spring-themed opportunity for photo opts. 

We have lots of beautiful weddings coming up this month and a few other special events. Stay tuned for the low down on all the exciting things we’re doing this summer!


Until next time!

Ally xxx