Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Every Mom

Hi Ladies!

It’s almost Mother’s Day! Are you ready? Have you found the perfect gifts for the deserving moms in your life? Fret not, we have gift ideas for every kind of mom.

I fancy myself a pretty good gift-giver and, in my experience, the key to good gift-giving is making it personal. If your mom loves receiving fresh cut flowers, that may mean telling your florist your mom’s favorite flower or colour, so they can customize her arrangement to make it extra special. My mother-in-law’s favourite colour is pink, so whenever I’m picking out flowers for her bouquets I always make sure to include pinks because I know she loves them.

Maybe your mom isn’t the biggest fan of cut flower. My sister’s mother-in-law is a self-proclaimed plant hoarder, she thinks cut flowers are a waste. If the woman you’re buying for has similar preferences, a potted plant may be a better idea. A lot of flower shops around the city have beautifully arranged potted arrangements. Orchids are always a good choice; contrary to popular belief they are very easy to maintain and, if you’re on a budget, you can usually find them at most grocery stores for a pretty good price.

Another idea for mom’s who don’t like cut flowers is a curated gift box. There are several companies in the city that offer gift boxes. One of our favourites is Pimpernel & Plum; they have several themed gift boxes, including one for coffee lovers and a spa-themed box. Each box has a variety of locally made products that any mom would love.

If your mom is an avid gardener, a garden-themed gift might be the way to go. My dad always gets my mom two hanging baskets every Mother’s Day. If that sounds like something your mom would appreciate, I would recommend checking out Costco, if you have a membership. Not only are their hanging baskets huge (would you expect anything else, it’s Costco), but towards the start of the season they always have a large selection of colours and varieties. A gift certificate for her favourite garden centre is another direction you could go for a gardener. That way she can go and pick out some of her favourite annuals when planting season kicks off.

Some moms might also prefer to spend the day or evening doing something special with you rather than receiving something concrete. In this case, treat her to a dinner or brunch at her favourite restaurant or a mani-pedi at her favourite spa.

We hope all you moms have a great Mother’s Day!

Until next time!

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