Capital Florist is aN OTTAWA wedding & event floral studio Lead by Carla Carbajal. They specialize in AFFORDABLE EVENT design & FLORALS. their mission is to ensure that your vision is brought to life. 


Carla's Story


Carla fell in love with the art of flower arranging in 2008, after being hired by a flower shop to clean and wrap roses by the dozen.

Though the job was hardly glamorous, Carla loved flowers and was happy to take on whatever job would teach her more about floral design. 

Eventually, she was tasked with creating presentation and hand-tied bouquets as well as filling orders for deliveries. Yearning for more, Carla applied to become a Junior Designer at another flower shop. Here, she was tasked with designing funeral arrangements.

While the experience helped Carla master her craft she developed a love/hate relationship with funeral flowers and after two years, she decided to pursue a degree in Political Science instead.

Following graduation, Carla realized that politics wasn’t exactly where she wanted to be and decided to go into retail. A natural leader and extremely organized, Carla went on to become a manager at one of the biggest and most successful companies in Canada, managing 78 people. Though one could say she had made it, Carla’s true passion always remained in floral design.

Somewhere between finishing up school and becoming a retail manager, Carla met her life partner, Rob. Just like with floral design, Carla knew that she and him were meant to be from the start.

Ambitious and supportive, it was Rob that pushed Carla to pursue her dreams. Together, they attempted to purchase the flower shop that Carla once worked at. Their offer fell through but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. It helped Carla define what kind of business she really wanted: a wedding & event exclusive floral studio.  

A year later, Rob sent Carla the text message that would start it all…”How hard would it be to start your own floral business?” Carla's response, “Not hard at all… I think! Let me look into it.” And shortly after, Capital Florist was born! 

Today, Carla works with Rob, her Mother (Hazel), and her Sisters (Hazel & Gabriela) to bring your style and dreams to life.

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